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Partner with us

Paradies Lagardère offers unparalleled expertise in store operations, merchandising, marketing, and exceptional customer service. As an industry leader in construction and operations, we can make your airport a premier retail and dining destination. We also have an extensive brand portfolio in both our specialty retail and dining division.  

Why partner with us? 

Suppliers looking for exposure in our high-traffic airport environments benefit from: 

  • Unique and powerful customer service programs 
  • Access to an international customer base 
  • Highly-trained and engaged associates 

Brand partners can expect: 

  • Seamless execution of their brands 
  • Industry-leading quality in store and restaurant design, construction, and operations 
  • Exciting new marketing opportunities 

Airport partners benefit from: 

  • Our knowledge of local markets and global trends 
  • Best practices, international safety, and quality standards 
  • Strong business relationships, giving us the ability to add to your retail and dining program 

Paradies Lagardère Dining Division and specialty retail offers award-winning store and restaurant operations and management. Click here to review our extensive and impressive list of brands.  

ACDBE Partnerships

Paradies Lagardère works hard to not only meet, but exceed Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goals in the airports we operate throughout North America. Identifying companies who both qualify for the ACDBE program and bring added strength to the retail program through exciting concepts, unique local understanding, and strong business acumen is vital to our Business Diversity philosophy.  

Paradies Lagardère launched two recognition programs for our ACDBE partners during the Airport Minority Advisory Council’s (AMAC) Annual Airport Business Diversity Conference in Houston in 2017. We recognize two ACDBE partners each year at AMAC with The Berta Banta Innovation Award and The Jethro Pugh Community Initiative Award, highlighting the best in business and philanthropic efforts among our partners. 

The Berta Banta Innovation Award recognizes a Partner who changed, elevated or enhanced the traveler experience, or the success of the internal business operations, by introducing a new product or service; upgrading an existing product or service or developing new innovations to existing products and services. 

The Jethro Pugh Community Initiative Award recognizes a Paradies Lagardère ACDBE partner who has coordinated or executed an initiative or project on behalf of the Joint Venture partnership that has or will significantly benefit, improve or assist the quality of life for members of the communities surrounding the airports we serve.

Click here to contact us for partnership opportunities