Transforming Travel Experiences

Paradies Lagardère operates more than 850 stores and restaurants in 98 airports, with expertise in international, national and local brands that create memorable and positive shopping and dining experiences for today’s travelers.

We specialize in three key airport concessions areas. Within Travel Essentials and Specialty Retail, we offer a diverse mix of categories including fashion, luxury, electronics, convenience, sports, luggage, jewelry and souvenirs. We also deliver casual and quick serve restaurants, and quality bars, including local, national and international brands that provide travelers delicious dining options.

As a result of our unmatched customer service, dedicated staff, brand relationships and portfolio, and excellence in operating standards, Paradies Lagardère is the most recognized operator in the industry. Click here to learn more.

Paradies Lagardère thinks airports shouldn’t just be seen as a means to an end, but a part of a journey, one that should be enjoyable and convenient. We work hard to transform customer experiences, to give them everything they need for their trip and beyond.

Paradies Lagardère doesn’t simply specialize in facilitating partnerships with national and international brands. We’re also experts in creating a welcoming sense of place in airports by partnering with unique local brands and bringing local goods into our stores and restaurants. Travelers can experience the vibe of a particular city or region without ever leaving the airport.  Our customized solutions provide travelers the best experience in shopping and dining.